What to know before going solar in Nigeria

There are many reasons why solar projects fail, and this is a two way thing its both in the hands of the customers and sellers/installers, most people do not get enough facts ready to make profitable solar deals, and they are more concerned about how cheap they want it rather than buying quality components.

When going solar, endeavor to carry as much information along before getting depressed about what you should have learnt

Not All Installers are worth installing

this may be a painful truth, but there are some tutorials and training on solar that some so called companies are doing but may not teach the mathematics, physics and the geography of solar design, and this is really due to the understanding so many of this people have, competing high solar tech professionals outside this country, you would notice, many don’t have enough knowledge to spend your money well enough.

You just have to spend more time with knowledge, we have provided a free resource/guide on going solar safely for home owners and this can be of help, just before you go searching for an installer, keep in mind that you need to find as much recommendation as possible either with the installers clients or with the past projects, or the firm he/she must have worked with.

In this book, we capture the 7 commandments every Home owner must know before going solar.

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