What does AH of a battery mean?

In this series we would be providing a layman’s knowledge so as to quickly grasp the concepts of Inverter battery rating in AH other wise known as Amp or ampere Hour. So let’s begin 

What is the meaning of Amps 

Ampere is a unit of measuring current through a conductor, as meter is a unit of measuring distance of one point to another, so we take water in a tank for instance( note that water is measured in volumes or for the purpose of this tutorial we say “a cup container”) let’s assume that the water tank is just about the size of a regular tank and the cup container of about 100 times fills up the tank, now when you open the tap and take a cup of water out of the tank and fill up your cooking or washing buckets( which stands as load)

We assume 1 cup is same as 1A

So how many amps remaining from the filled tank, your guess is as mine 99 right? Yes.

So what is “AH” or “CUP.H” 

This means how many cups fills do I need to do to exhaust the (in this case 100cups ) tank in 1 hour, in this context, it means 100A or 100Cup fills the requesting loads or buckets, so to fill a cup once, twice  … till 100 times can be completed in 1 hr, in order words it will 1 hr to empty the tank in that steady rate. So in the electronic world we say it will take 1hr to empty the 100amps battery at 1amp per time ( in this case 1 minute : 48 secs)

Oops how did you get that?

It takes 1min:48secs to take fill one cup out of the tank and pour in a container ( which signifies load; lightbulbs or others) 

We got that value by calculating: 

100 cups tank / 60 minutes (1hr) 

You get 1.67hrs and convert to minutes you get 1 minute : 48secs ( see converting decimals to minutes)

Now, you may need to just take a little break as we expound further.

Most lead acid batteries (dry cell, deep cycle batteries ) or  tubular battery ratings are for example (we pick 100ah)

They are rated 100A/10hr while some are 20hr rating (if its not written on the body of the battery you can assume its 20hr rating)

It simply saying these batteries allow a total of 100A in 10hrs,  meaning in 1hr you can only use up to 10A (100AH/10h) of the 100AH battery, 


It could be the safe discharge rate of the typeof battery, probably due to the inner circuitry (or wiring config of the lead battery). 

In ordinary terms we say the 100cups measured tank was designed such that In 1hr you can only take 10 cups max.

And if the load on the battery takes only 5A in 1hr it means it will take 20hrs( to drain the 100ah battery)

If it only requires 2.5A it will use 40hrs to drain the entire battery

Now with this said, I hope we have been able to answer your doubts and questions,   We also pray the light of Jesus shines in your path even in this season, because truly you are loved. if you still have any doubts feel free to use the comment section

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