I have personally consulted / helped over 120 persons making strategic life transforming decisions on how to get suitable Inverters and Solar in Nigeria, UK, USA this is the most important choice you have to make now

Dear Home Owner,

You’ve continuously earned for others that are not even your family members, spending money you should have used for a great investment on some governmental owned fuel, electricity that you don’t have control over with and consistent price hikes, some months ago the electricity tariff became about 3x the normal, how long will you wait for those who don’t care about you to control your most important basic need, they obviously have 90% stake on your livelihood to electricity, you can stop them! 

The great inventor of the light bulb 
Thomas Edison said  “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”

I have an uncle who constantly bought fuel for his home, for the past 4-5 years, and averagely spends N4000 per week on a generator he would repair almost every month, in 52 weeks(1 year) he as already spent N208,000 apart from repairs, or compulsory light bills since he as not been granted the privileged for a meter, so in 5 years he must spent N1,040,000 only on fuel plus other costs ( grid, repairs) lets say N1,500,000. He got to use this secret strategy and from the lockdown march 2020, he as cut his cost forever!

(Now you must notice this is a typical small generator)

How much do you spend per week / Month?

Your hard earned income is making other people rich while you are just a sun away, even the holy book said and I quote “For He makes his sun to shine on bad and good people alike” if we can be sure of sun everyday, why waste your hard earned money on what may never be yours?

  • The grid power is not yours 
  • The fuel is not yours
  • You repair with increasing thousands of naira

The physiological effect of hoping there will be light when you get back from work is a modern day slavery and one of the cause of anxiety and ill health on the long run and the frustration is killing, the food in the fridge is at the mercy of people you seemingly pay to enslave you into praying every night for God to tell them to put on the light.

Please save your prayers for better things, you can stop the anxiety, help yourself and family get out of this cycle of not knowing where your money is going every month, then focus on better things to create with your mind than bills here and there

You intend to bring your great ideas to life? then spice your home and family time with peace and love, instead of complaining like your neighbors on the price of fuel 

The regrets of power cuts in

  • middle of the night,
  • middle of a TV program,
  • or while you run a definite purposeful work. 
It is our decisions not our conditions that determine our quality of life. -John C. Maxwell


    Electric Bill

    Avg. expenses (generator/D)


    Your Expenses ₦

    That’s your Savings!

    A renowned journalist of one of the most reputable firms in Nigeria has not had a single power cut since August 2018 has this to say…

    I will personally consult you now for  N30,000 FREE, even if you don’t plan to buy at all!

    Your safe decision to going power independent forever and getting the exact rest you desire begins from critical analysis of what solar panels provide and the suitability for your main needs.

    The needs of most houses are a constant powering of lighting points fans and TVs , while some with washing machine, and several others…

    P.S. when going solar, you don’t just intend to call some electrician in your area to install without careful analysis of what you intend to power. note its more safe to know how to calculate the exact solar system you require 

    Less Complex… “How a 6 year old girl can calculate an inverter System for your required load:”

    1. Calculate all your running devices in watts
    2. Turn on your phone calculator and a pen, right out the number of devices you intend to power against the power rating e.g 1 bulb – 15 watts,  x6 = 90 watts, then 1 TV = 60w…   once you are done adding all this together, you have successfully gotten your total power rating that you intend to use on the inverter and battery
    3. multiply the rating from step 3 by at least 2 then you can know the least size of inverter to power your basic needs
    4. once you are done with step 3, choose between range (50Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah) on our free back-up time calculator to get an idea of how long you can power your devices. 
    Tip: multiply your (load) watt x 0.8 x 2, then you have your inverter size in KVA right there, though you may not get the exact size, but similar sizes are in the market.

    The Need to arm yourself with information before going solar is more critical than purchasing at all in your journey of getting free forever

    Watch this short Video Guide on using our inverter battery back-up calculator

    Now you know exactly how to calculate your battery, you are already armed with some useful knowledge before meeting an installer 

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    our Secret Strategy

    Because we are sure you will be satisfied using this setup strategy I am offering  you 18 months system Replacement if you purchase and install  from us, and along the line the system doesn’t work, you will get a replacement at solely our cost, this is not so easy to do by many others and that’s because they don’t believe in their products, but we are dead sure you will be satisfied using our strategy 

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    Smart Family


    1kva Inverter + MPPT

    700watts Solar Array

    220Ah Battery x1


    Power Optimization technique and Protective Devices

    Suitable for 1 -250w total load

    Upto 24 hours power daily

    Genius Family


    1.5kva Inverter + MPPT

    1200watts Solar Array

    220Ah Battery x2


    Power Optimization technique and Protective Devices

    Suitable for 1 -400w total load

    Upto 24 hours power daily

    Amazon Family


    2.5kva Inverter + MPPT

    1800watts Solar Array

    220Ah Battery x2


    Power technique and and Protective Devices

    Suitable for 1 -700w total load

    Upto 24 hours power daily

    Big Family


    5kva Inverter + MPPT

    3000watts Solar Array

    220Ah Battery x4


    Power Optimization technique and Protective Devices

    Suitable for 1 -1200w total load

    Upto 24 hours power daily

    , I have painstakingly provided you with a guide that solves most of your questions and Its for N3500 free, it provides layman knowledge in going solar

    Its either you go on like others wasting money on what never will be yours or start saving your money for profitable investments, knowing that you have made the best decision, cutting your expenses, saving up to 250% how much you invest in electricity that will never be yours, and because of you, we have dedicated our time continuously to ensure your needs are met, from testimonies above, you should notice we do a lot of follow ups on our clients, we care … 08031138665 am waiting