We are green power advocate , Our solar solutions are reliable, efficient, and long lasting cells, providing houses and industries with uninterrupted power supply, this panels have proven over the years that with low sunlight the effectiveness is powerful and conversion technology by the photovoltaic cells is a market proven capable cells to support homes and dense industrial use.

With quality and continuous maintenance, we monitor the efficiency feedback from clients with guaranteed, after sales/installation support.

Efficient Solar Panels

These solar panels have accurate test rating and work rating voltage and current, with cables of high conductivity reducing the loss of current from cells to the solar charge controller. These panels have a tight fitted aluminium guide that continue to hold the glass screen of the cells firmly even in hot and cold weather conditions, thereby providing long lasting rugged protection of the cells for a longer life span (10 -25 years) of goof and efficient conversion and usage


Photovoltaic cells

Efficient, seamless conversion

Strong and Rugged dc cables

25 Years Life-span

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