Sizing or buying an inverter (Part 1)

Your choice for an inverter system is the most important decision in the journey of an uninterrupted power supply, most people give up easily and find any technician who knows another generator technician who in turns size their inverter system, and on the long run they make bad choices, and blame the inverter technology, this as been the case most times for buyers, this means we ought to learn at least the basics of the inverter technology and how it works before asking for consultation,
this post will show you basic knowledge before choosing a system

Understand the meaning of the term “load” as regards watts, most of us are used to the use of the term watts from our light bulbs , such as 15, 60, or 100 watts bulb, and obviously 100 watts is higher than the previous listed, this system of power rating also goes for every device in your office or home you intend to power; so ensure you calculate or add the power rating of all your devices

note: when sizing an inverter for your use it is important you use the maximum load calculation than just an aspect, by this I give an example : lets assume you live in a room apartment and you intend to use

bulb (25 watts) – 2
Laptop (65 watts) -1
Fan (70 watts) – 1
You then will add
50 Watts (2 x bulb) + 65 watts( 1 x laptop) + 70 watts (1 x fan) = 185 Watts

This woman in this example needs and inverter to power this a 185watts load,

Now when sizing you wont say all you need is majorly the laptop and fan, if you go this way you may on the long run make a bad choice, and lower turn out of your the battery backup duration the best sizing options are at least 150% of your maximum load capacity.

watch out for more… on this series

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