Getting an Inverter

Getting an Inverter is fast becoming inevitable in Nigeria its importance as become ever growing, most locality in Nigeria have at least 6 hours Power on daily bases which is makes it a good idea to have more 5-8 hours backup time could certainly be more than that range depending on how an individual makes use of the inverter, with no noise and effective power supplies, a lot of persons are discouraged because of the one time cost of inverters and its effectiveness which could be due to past experiences with inverters that failed which in most cases is the fault in the education of the customer on the safe usage of the equipment, now this brings us to the mistakes of orientation from installers probably due to securing a customer for their gain which is not a wise decision to make.

Alot of persons might not be told of the danger of using pressing iron on lower or minimum home inverters which will certainly drain the battery to fast that it can weaken or damage the battery cells, and it might also be that the installer did not take measure of separating a socket for heavy loads believing the owners can control it when suddenly grid power goes off, it’s a blatant lie we all make mistakes some point in time so it is essential that every max precaution be taken or no inverter is installed in the first place, on this account it is important to note, inverter can be the best decision to make with the right installers, on the other side is the choice of a good battery brand which is a major focus in replacement or first time installation. 


  1. The calculator is simple and easy to use

    1. Thank you Mr Ola Abiodun; we are glad it was helpful

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