What is DoD (Depth of Discharge) in Battery?

Depth of Discharge, DoD for short is a term for describing the depth to which a battery can be discharged, in our layman series we have considered to use an example of a human body for an illustration, every battery most especially the lead acid batteries come with manufacturers recommended depth of discharge, which is the safest discharge point in not to destroy the battery on the long run, some batteries depth of discharge is 70% or 80%, meaning this batteries can only perform its optimum when you don’t use it up 100% ( retain some 30% charge in it), but adhere to using it to only 70% ( please note that this value may vary according to your manufacturer; but knowing the particular depth is a good practice.

Every Human Being as a depth of discharge of food; some varies and as we grow we see the effect of varying strengths and power, lets assume Johnson eat some food say rice and stew in the morning of today; then went on to gym, after that to play tennis and he was on his way back home at night, with all his energy expended; and was caught by some armed men who threw Him for no reason into a pit, as deep enough that no one could hear Johnson in order to rescue Him; days turned to weeks with out water nor food; your guess is as mine that must be a bad situation. Johnson at this point couldn’t talk, and fortunately someone found Him and brought Him out.

At this point Johnson is certainly not able to talk nor communicate; He rather is taking to the Hospital so as to assist Him breath normally again and drip Him to get energy back for normalcy to begin again, because He as no power to eat anymore, almost at the state of death.

We see in the story that to retain the ability to get charge a person must retain some charge prior to eating else if too long death. Every “Lead Acid battery” requires some state of charge present in it before next charging time, in order to be able to retain charge and to keep the battery working well in a longer period of time.

Discharging this battery beyond the recommended depth can be cause a negative impact on the lifespan of the battery

DoD chart (% vs voltage)

I like to also note that no matter where we are in the state of our lives there a Jesus who cares to bring us life and love, rather than death.

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