Building Roof for Solar (beware of Shades)

Following the previous post on Best Practices for Building Roof for Solar in Nigeria, which we discussed extensively on “Orientation”, another is the effect of shade, please take your time to follow closely.

The solar array which is the group of solar panels are always expected to be unshaded on all the part of the system. The power is generated when there is an incident amount of light on cells of the solar panels, and this light is converted by the cells into an electrical current ( Direct current(dc) ) then to the solar charge controller which in turn charges the battery or is sent to power the electrical appliances.

In layman terms I will do well to explain why shading can paralyze or reduce the efficiency of the whole system to 20% or lower; imagine in a tug of war sport, lets say the guys on the left are solar panels and on or two of them fell (shaded), you’ll observe that the they wont be able to pull as much again and efficiency would really fall and more energy is lost.

tug of war: explaining solar cells efficiency

Ensure there are no shadings casted on your roof either by another building or trees blocking the incidence of sunlight on your roof and if that is inevitable you may need to find another location, to build a construction in order to get the best from sun light. please you can learn more on orientation.

In the subsequent post you will get to know about other considerations before building your roof such as Pitch, Material, Age, Size of solar roof.

If you have more questions about shading, and solar in general, feel free to get in touch with one of Jekitech trusted solar advisors or call us at 08031138665.

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