Best Practices for Building Roof for Solar in Nigeria

In the world today we have seen a rise in the use of solar energy due to its reduction on cost of purchasing energy, and a cleaner self owned power production for most a duration of 25 – 30 years of the solar panel 100 to 80 percent drop in power production, meaning if you are in your 30’s now and you decide to go solar, you will use this system till you get to you 50’s and at that time for a good solar panel choice you can be sure it would have only reduced efficiency by at most 20%, that is amazing.

Lets go right into the discussion on building solar panels for your roof system

Back in the day is when people build roofs for the purpose of protecting their houses against rain, sun rays, security, luxury and beauty, architectural great designs, even though all this are good reasons to build roofs they are fast fading away for the need of efficient roofing systems, to build not just to cover the house but to serve as energy for the entire house!, and this is amazing, that a house can use its roof to generate as much energy required to power appliances, is the real deal.

Now the new system of building for a forward thinking building or home owner will prioritize or implement best, calculated effort to build roofs to get the maximum power from the free gift God Almighty gave us from His Kingdom which was situated below His Heaven to Shine on both the good and the evil, enabling all to partake of His Grace in the very words of the greatest philosopher Jesus Christ.

Factors to be considered before building your roof or at least if your roof as been built, factors to consider to maximize what you have.

  • Orientation
  • Shade
  • Material
  • Age
  • Size
  • Pitch

In this post I will include only 3 of this then continue in the later post

  1. Orientation: This is one of the most important point you would need to know, but before we talk about this you need to be educated about the way the way the earth revolves around the sun , ( or better we say sun moves )

Nigeria’s Average daylight is about 11hrs and sun hours is about 8 hours or more for northern states, meaning if there must be a place designed to operate solely for solar power generation its our blessed nation, please note that daylight is highly different from sunlight, daylight is just when the day is bright enough for movement and the sun is not really up yet, and that’s always around 6am to 5pm daily and in the midst is the sunlight when the sun is up proper, obviously you may have understood the difference by now, those windy and cloudy days are examples of normal daylight, even though that can also charge your batteries and power your home its not as significant or powerful as when the sun is really up. though if calculated correctly you can get the best from your daylight too.

for the purpose of this article you lets narrow down on sunlight hours, the sun hours are really from 9am – 5pm, and most sunny times are near the noon and after noon,

North South East West | Learn Directions for kids | Cordinal Directions for  children - YouTube

looking at the image above if the sun moves from east to west guess where is best to be the widest part of your roof?, obviously the south is the best so as the sun moves it always shines on your solar panels for best efficiency, and if you already have your widest place south-east its not a bad deal as such only that it may reduce your energy harvest from the sun about 10-20%, even though south facing solar panels are the best the second to it is south-west facing solar panels, you would notice the sun moves in the morning from the west and around 12noon – 5pm to the west meaning it can as well harvest a lot energy too.

please note that it doesn’t mean southwest facing solar panels wont get any energy as at 8am-12noon, it certainly will but not as much as a south facing solar panel

In the subsequent post you will get to know about other considerations before building your roof such as Pitch, Shade, Material, Age, Size.

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