JPE supports the state of the art battery technologies, that have  steady and good customer feedback, from Quality AGM batteries to Tubular Batteries with up to 7 years lifespan. Batteries with sustainable and proper Depth of discharge; to provide a better performance in the long run, our supported  batteries are ensured that the right source are squarely confirmed and warranty agreement, settled without putting our clients in any risk whatsoever, thereby ensuring that the least warranty on all our batteries is 12 months, with a proper maintenance plan to suit the need of our clients.

Our batteries are strong reliable and durable; giving every customer a happy ride, with efficient cells through the help of our professional and experienced approach; protects trust of our clients. 

Deep Cycle Batteries

Our batteries are of high power and low resistance which in turn reduces energy loss and provides higher cycle for longer life span than most deep cycle batteries, they also stand cold and hot temperatures, and are applicable for homes and industrial purposes for efficient and reliable backup.

Tubular Batteries

Tubular batteries known to have as twice the lifespan of a flat plate battery, with typical life span from 4 to 8 years of performance, with a fast charging notable feature of tubular batteries, our supported tubular batteries are with confirmed sources to assure every customer of quality and original product sales, with reliable backup time and strong maintenance policy.


Longer battery life span

Low self discharge proportion

Stronger plates for high efficiency

Applicable for home or industry

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